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Senior Day Recap

Last Saturday, August 27th, MAS-SSF had an exciting & educational Senior Day event in collaboration with MCYC.

Senior Day is a 4-hour event consisting of social activities, fun games, lunch, and an educational workshop that MAS-SSF aims to organize monthly. It is planned through the Al-Afia for Seniors program with the goal of alleviating challenges that may come with aging, such as depression, anxiety, isolation, and feelings of helplessness.

We hope to collaborate with other mosques in the future to keep our seniors connected.

Here are some highlights from the event:

  • Presentation on the “Basics of Medi-Cal & Medicare” by Legal Services of Northern California
  • Guest speakers from the MAS-SSF & MCYC community
  • Delicious food from Crest Cafe for lunch
  • Engaging memory game of everyday items, quizzes, and LOTS of prizes!
  • Surveys & fun Wheel of Names raffle
  • Language interpretation provided to support the community’s various language needs
  • Almost 70 registrants; more than 50 attendees