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Helping Afghan Refugees Adapt to Life in the United States

A lecture series of informative workshops for Afghan Refugees!

The workshops will address topics ranging from resettlement, cultural and social issues, and health/wellness challenges post immigration in a new country.

30-Minute In-Person Workshop in English, Dari/Farsi, and Pashto.
[Covid regulations will be strictly followed]

This workshop is designed to help Afghan refugees as well as anyone working with Afghan refugees.

Date and Time
Friday, January 28th
4:30 pm | English
5:30 pm | Dari/Farsi
6:30 pm | Pashto

Guest Speaker
Dr. Mohammad Sediq Hazratzai, MD, MPH
Visiting Professor, UC Davis

MAS-SSF Office
3820 Auburn Blvd, # 83
Sacramento, CA 95821

RSVP to attend and receive a $25 gift card!
RSVP at | afghan.eventbrite.com