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Tele-Counseling Service 855-95-AMALA

A completely confidential and HIPAA compliant counseling service that gives you
the ability to interact with a dedicated peer counselor from virtually anywhere.

AMALA Hopeline Call Hours: 855–95–Amala
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
6 PM – 10 PM

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Life can be painful at times. The moment you start going through a rough patch in life, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional.

Everyone experiences difficulties that sometimes are emotionally overwhelming. At those difficult times, it helps to have someone to talk to who will care and listen without any judgment. Our peer counselors know about the community and support systems that might be able to help you, but mostly, they are there to listen, support, and care about you and your life challenges.

How does Tele-Counseling work?

Sessions are typically scheduled weekly (sometimes more or less depending on need).
Your consistent attendance greatly contributes to a successful outcome.

Make the call

Call us at (916) 486 – 8626 and you will be directed to the dedicated peer counselor.

Mon – Fri | 9 am – 5 pm for live calls

Send us an email

Send an email to counseling@mas-ssf.org

Give us a brief description and a peer counselor will contact you shortly.

Non-Operational Hours

Leave a message in the language of your choice and staff will return your call within 2 business days.

Peer Counselor

What is a Peer Counselor?

Peer Counselors are individuals who are experts by experience — people who navigated life challenges that have created a heart of caring and kindness within them. They have also received training on how to best help, listen, and support individuals who may be experiencing a variety of life challenges themselves.

The MAS-SSF Peer Counselors represent over 10 languages, with many of them speaking Arabic, Dar/Farsi, Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi. They are certified by the state after being trained for 80 hours and they continually receive monthly training on needed topics to keep their skills updated.

HIPAA Compliant

Confidentiality Is Your Right

You might be wondering if the things you tell your peer counselor are going to be discussed with individuals in the community. The answer to that question is NO!

Tele-Counseling is a completely confidential and HIPAA compliant counseling service.

Confidentiality means that peer counselors will not share anything that you have said outside of their work. What you discuss will be kept confidential. Your concerns will be shared with a supervisor only if it is necessary. For instance, if you talk about a desire to harm yourself or someone else, your peer counselor will have to let their supervisor know so that we can get you help or keep you and others safe.
The peer counselors you speak with are required by law to maintain your confidentiality.

Initial Session


After the initial session, your fee is based on a sliding fee scale according to your household income.


Call us Today | (916) 486-8626

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Call MAS-SSF, trust MAS-SSF; we are here for you!

Call Us Today | (916) 486–8626

Why choose MAS-SSF Counseling Service?

We are so grateful that you were here for my son. He has made a complete turn around since his counseling. We are so happy we got the services. Especially because you are Muslim counselors and also very affordable. We could never afford counseling otherwise. I recommend counseling with MAS SSF to all families. I can’t thank you enough. You save families.

My kids and I went to MAS SSF in 2008, at a time when we needed counseling and support. We were going through a very difficult time and MAS SSF helped us get through it by giving us the psychological and emotional support that we needed. Thank you MAS SSF for helping me and my kids. Your services are wonderful and needed in our community. God Bless You All!