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Confidentiality is Your Right

We are so excited to announce the newest addition to our MAS-SSF counseling services. Introducing Tele – Counseling. Launching March 2020!

This new service is a confidential peer counseling conversation through the telephone. You will be able to call MAS-SSF and connect with a peer counselor who understands what you’re going through and will listen to help navigate your challenges.

Confidentiality is Your Right

You might be wondering if the things you tell your peer counselor are going to be discussed with individuals in the community. The answer to that question is NO!

In the United States, there is a law that requires that your health information be kept confidential. HIPAA: is an acronym that stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a US law designed to provide privacy standards to protect patients’ medical records and other health information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers.

What are the 3 major things addressed in the HIPAA law?

These three components are present in every aspect of any healthcare organizations: 

  • In policies and procedures that guide the work of healthcare organizations are provisions and guidelines that tell employees how to protect confidential information.
  • In healthcare organizations, record keeping is vital for patient safety. Without records, caring for individuals effectively would not occur. However, those records that are necessary for proper care must be kept locked up in files or saved in computer systems with powerful firewalls. These steps are taken to ensure that the health information of individuals served is kept safe and is not accessible to anyone who is not authorized to see it.  
  • All healthcare organizations that make use of technology must ensure that secure firewalls protect their systems. Also, all employees must have a password to enter the system, and that password must be kept confidential, and it must be changed every 90 days. This helps keep confidential records stored in computer systems safe from individuals who do not have the right to access the system.
  • All healthcare organizations must maintain building safety. Doors must lock, and only individuals who need to enter a healthcare office can enter. It requires that any physical records are kept in locked cabinets behind locked doors. 

By using these protective actions, HIPAA Laws ensure that all employees working within healthcare organizations work together to protect patient data.

HIPAA makes it safe for you to call MAS-SSF to talk with peer counselors because you KNOW that the confidential information you share will not be disclosed to anyone. The only exceptions are if you are a danger to yourself or someone else or vulnerable children or adults are at risk of harm. 

Peer counseling through the phone is an excellent way to create solutions to your life’s challenges before they become overwhelming.

Call MAS-SSF, trust MAS-SSF; we are here for you!


Give us a call at (916) 486 -8626, and let’s take care of you.