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Conflict Resolution

On June 30th, 2023, MAS-SSF’s Shifa for Youth program held a very successful & beneficial virtual workshop, Conflict Resolution.

This workshop presented information on the importance of resolving conflicts, what may cause them, and how it affects youth. We also discussed effective forms of communication and a step-by-step process for resolving conflicts. In the end, youth were provided with support resources & organizations that they could reach out to, including MAS-SSF’s Amala Youth Hopeline.

  • Youth-led workshop by 8 youth leaders from the Shifa for Youth Program
  • 1-hour presentation on the topic of resolving conflicts
  • Interactive chat questions & useful resources to support & empower youth
  • 69 registrants; 246 event page views; 45+ attendees on Zoom
  • Our audience ranged from ages 20-29; the majority were aged 21-25
  • 21 survey responses with high ratings and positive feedback (98% average satisfaction)
  • $25 gift card – Congratulations to our Survey Raffle winner, Benson!

We greatly appreciate all the participants and viewers who have attended our workshops in the past. We hope you all found these workshops beneficial. Please subscribe to our email list or follow us on Instagram @mas_ssf.youth for updates on our next event.

This will likely be our last workshop under the SYDPF grant for the Shifa for Youth program. Stay connected with our other programs on Instagram @mas_ssf_sac and our @amalahopeline warmline for youth. We hope to hold more youth events sometime in the future – we look forward to serving our community again soon!