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Dear Community Members,

On Sunday, August 6, 2023, a vehicular assault against Muslim families occurred at Heron Landing Park in the City of Rancho Cordova. It is reported that a 33-year-old man tried to run over Muslim community members while yelling racial slurs at them and threatening to “shoot and bomb” them. Those who witnessed the incident reported that the man was driving through the park onto the grass and walkways, attempting to run over people. There were no reported injuries in the incident. The suspect had left by the time authorities arrived. He was found and taken into custody Monday morning for assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, and a hate crime charge.

MAS-SSF is deeply disheartened by this incident and expresses support for the affected community members. We are thankful that there were no external injuries in this incident, however, we acknowledge that the internal injuries – fear, anxiety, and trauma – may still remain. MAS-SSF would like to extend support and resources to all members of our community. We wish to help families recover from this incident and return to a life of peace and wellness.

MAS-SSF is an agency largely consisting of staff, board, and membership from the Muslim community. We empathize with the hardships of our community as well as the short and long-term effects of such traumatic situations. Our peer support specialists and clinicians associated with MAS-SSF have expertise in peer support and chaplaincy. They are available to talk and listen in English, Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Pashto, and Urdu.

MAS-SSF offers multiple services, focusing on intervention and/or prevention. Our services are culturally, linguistically, and spiritually congruent. These services also address the different age groups ranging from youth, adults, and seniors.

We offer HIPPA-compliant, confidential peer support services that are culturally sensitive via phone or internet in five languages. We have a Muslim youth support phone line, statewide advocacy for Muslim youth to bring more awareness about mental health within their specific underserved communities, educational and social activities to prevent depression, anxiety, isolation, and feelings of helplessness associated with aging, and to educate, creates awareness and encourages community members to seek help to prevent challenges within a Muslim family.

We also have programs that support Muslim women seeking shelter from domestic violence, provide resources to Afghan refugees and immigrants, and provide case management for individuals seeking help and resources outside of the services MAS-SSF offers.

Support and Services Available in 5 Languages (English, Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Pashto, Urdu)

  1. Peer Support and Clinical Support

A completely confidential and HIPAA-compliant peer support service that allows you to speak with a dedicated peer support specialist virtually or in person. Clinical care is also available when peer support is not sufficient, and diagnosis or medication is involved.
Call (916) 486-8626, Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM
Email counseling@mas-ssf.org

  1. Amala Youth Hopeline

Amala Hopeline aims to provide an accessible, confidential, culturally competent means of peer counseling and resource referral for American Muslim Youth.
Call (855) 952-6252, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 6 PM – 10 PM

  1. Helpful videos from MAS-SSF are available on MAS-SSF YouTube Channel

Dealing with ongoing stress and examples of self-care strategies
How to Cope with Grief

With heartfelt sympathy and support, we hope that Allah brings peace and comfort to the hearts of the community members impacted by this incident.

Gulshan Yusufzai
MAS-SSF Executive Director