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Magnificent Eid Gathering

MAS-SSF held a successful and extremely exciting Eid-ul-Adha celebration!

Over 600 community members attended as families enjoyed international music, delicious food, and live Qawwali music, as well as Arabic and Afghan Music hosted by a DJ.

This was most likely the largest indoor celebration for Eid in the region. The event was held at the Citrus Heights Community Center on Friday, July 22, 2022.

MAS-SSF is a professional non-profit that addresses serious community needs and have been keeping families together and honoring wellness and diversity in the Sacramento region for 15 years.

A few more details and highlights about the Eid Celebrating Event:

  • Over 600 people in attendance, which includes pre- registered and Walk-ins
  • The event started by having a special networking event to encourage MAS-SSF to learn about the most updated programs and services, meet with staff and stay for the evening Eid program.
  • MAS-SSF Executive Director Gulshan Yusufzai invited Tamer Ahmed, Executive Committee President, to welcome everyone and returned with Eid greetings and presented a brief overview of the MAS-SSF programs and how each of the MAS-SSF programs are designed to support the immigrant and refugee community to receive services in a culturally congruent manner.
  • A multi-ethnic crowd of established and existing Sacramento Muslim families were present, and they had the opportunity to mingle with many newcomer refugees, mainly from Afghanistan
  • Participants were encouraged to wear their best Eid clothes and celebrate. Many children came dressed in their best ethnic attire, adding to the brightness of the Eid celebration.
  • Live music and Qawwali were presented by Sukhawat Ali Khan and his band.
  • Ten gift cards worth $50 were provided to winners for a survey raffle.
  • The languages spoken on stage were English, Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Pashto, and Urdu to celebrate and acknowledge the beautiful diversity of our community.

We hope all our participants had a wonderful time and were able to enjoy the event with their beloved families and friends, and we hope to have more to join us next time.

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