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Successful MAS-SSF Senior Day!

On September 24th, MAS-SSF held an amazing Senior Day event in collaboration with MCYC. A senior Day is a 4-hour event with social activities, fun games, lunch, and an educational workshop.
These events are planned through the Al-Afia for Seniors program with the goal of alleviating challenges that may come with aging; depression, anxiety, isolation, and feelings of helplessness. We will continue to have these events at mosques to establish senior groups at every mosque.
Here are some highlights from the event:
  • Presentation on “Health & Wellness” by Nassiba Cherif, MFT
  • Multiple speakers from the MAS-SSF & MCYC community
  • Beautiful Quran recitation, translation & inspiring talks
  • Filling food catered by Sameena Catering
  • Super fun BINGO game, quizzes, and many MANY prizes!
  • Surveys & Wheel of Names raffle
  • Translations provided by MAS-SSF staff in Arabic, Dari-Farsi, Pashto & Urdu
  • ~70 registrants;  ~50 total attendees