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Family Health Fair Event

MAS-SSF, in collaboration with 14 partners, held an exciting Family Health Fair event to keep our community safe at the American River College ARC with the following services, resources, educational workshops, and mobile clinics:

3 Mobile Clinics Established:

  1. Mobile clinic by California North State University conducted blood and diabetes screening, flu, and COVID-19 vaccination.
  2. Mobile clinics by Elica Health Centers conducted health screening, dental screening, MMR, Varicella, and ProQuad vaccinations.

3 Presentations Conducted by the Following Partners:

  1. Wellness presentations were conducted by MAS-SSF, and a Wellness Diary was given to every volunteer, partner, and participant

  2. Clean vehicle rebate project presentation conducted by the Community Resource Project CRP.

  3. Healing with heart presentation conducted by Elica health centers

14 Partners Provided Information and Resources at their Boots During the Fair:

  1. MAS-SSF provided information on wellness and mental health resources and services including prevention and intervention programs and services.

  2. Blue Shield of California provides affordable health coverage plans including Medi-Cal and Medicare.

  3. CAIR provided information about their legal services and immigration support.

  4. California Health Collaborative provided community education, health advocacy, and outreach related to their programs and activities.

  5. California North State University (College of Pharmacy), besides establishing a mobile clinic, they have provided information and resources about its faculty and services.

  6. Community Resource Project provided information about the low-income energy assistance program, the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, the clean vehicle rebate project, and other recourse centers providing diapers, clothes, and available food items.

  7. Consumers Self Help provided information on their mission and services.

  8. Elica Health Center, besides having two mobile clinics, provided a table informing people about their medical services, including dental, health, and other assistance to low-income families.

  9. Los Rios Community College District provided information on refugees’ career pathways on how to enroll in the colleges.

  10. River City Food Bank provided information and locations on food access, including EBT, food banks, and emergency food distributions.

  11. River City Medical Group provided medicare information and screened enrollment of eligible participants.

  12. Sacramento Children’s Home provided information and activities for children and families.

  13. Sacramento County (Department of Human Assistance) provided information on CalFresh, CalWORKs, and Medi-Cal assistance.

  14. Sacramento Covered provided health insurance information and resources to participants and educated participants on how to change their primary care providers if needed.

  15. Instrumental music was performed by 4 community members.

Other Updates:

  1. 100 participants attended.

  2. MAS-SSF provided interpreters in 4 languages, including Dari, Pashto, Arabic, and Urdu, for partners in the boots.

  3. MAS-SSF provided certified medical interpreters for mobile clinics.

MAS-SSF would like to express a heartfelt appreciation to all volunteers, partners, and participants.