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Many of us have felt our anxiety increase as the presidential election comes to a close, and we try to go back to our everyday lives.

Election day is a day of opportunity to make a change for the better for our country. Participating in politics is a great opportunity to have your voice be heard. However, it can often be a challenge to understand what really is better for our country and how we can positively impact a country that is so large.

As we receive the results of this election, here are a few reminders that can reduce the anxiety you might be feeling post-election.

Focus on the Factors You Can Control

There are a lot of aspects of this election that will have an impact on our lives. This can be frustrating, scary, and anxiety-provoking. Focus on what is in your control. You have voted, and that is all you can do right now. Find comfort in knowing you have done all you can do to contribute right now, and that is enough.

Prepare Your Support Networks

Make sure that you have support around you. Isolation is not a good idea when you are anxious. Surround yourself with people you trust and with who you can share your concerns and worries. Having a good support system can help reduce stress. Talking about your worries with someone you trust can also help reduce stress.

Gain Knowledge of How to Keep Yourself Safe

If your stress results from feeling lost or not understanding how politics impact our daily lives, researching credible sites can help you learn more about how things work and how you can make an impact that can be beneficial to reducing stress.

Identify Calming Activities

When you are feeling overwhelmed, find calming activities that help you feel safe and comforted. Go on a long walk or do some gardening, do an art activity, or cook your favorite recipe. Identify something that makes you feel happy to help you manage these uncertain times.

Resources Available to Destress

  • MAS-SSF’s Tele-Counseling is a completely confidential and HIPAA compliant counseling service that gives you the ability to interact with a dedicated peer counselor from virtually anywhere. Counseling is offered in different languages.
  • AMALA Hopeline is available for our youth to get support and have someone to talk to. We also have a text line available Wednesday and Friday during our open hours. Check out our website for more information www.amala.mas-ssf.org.

We are here for each other as we navigate the world post-election!