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Under its Al-Afia for Seniors program, the Muslim American Society -Social Service Foundation (MAS-SSF) held a Senior Day event at Tarbiya House Natomas on Saturday, October 12th. From 11AM to 4PM, Senior Day allowed the Senior members of our community and their families to enjoy a fun and educational day.

As an organization that strives to address the family needs of the community in general, and the Muslim community in particular, MAS-SSF understands that Seniors in the United States face a unique and oftentimes under-addressed set of challenges. To that end, the Senior Day event was catered to educating and addressing the needs of our beloved Senior community.

Senior Day consisted of two segments:

  1. An educational lecture delivered by Teresa Ogan from the California Health Collective focused on resources available to seniors
  2. Fun games hosted by MAS-SSF and MCF Senior Program including our volunteers from the community.
Senior Day at Tarbiya House Natomas

Al- Afia Committee: Anjum Keval, Maha Ead, Russul Roumani and Aziza Ahmed

Keeping in mind the importance of our Seniors’ awareness of their rights to participate in the voting process, MAS-SSF provided an informational table to provide information on voting. It also provided forms and guidance for the process of voter registration.

The day began with Tamer Ahmed, MAS-SSF Board President welcoming all followed by Imam Kamran Islam from Tarbiya House Natomas conducting a brief Khutba. Gulshan Yusufzai, Executive Director, presented about MAS-SSF services followed by the Al-Afia for Seniors Program presented by Anjum Keval, Program Manager.

Senior Day at Tarbiya House Natomas

Teresa Ogan, CA Health Collaborative

The educational portion of the event was presented by California Health Collective, a “nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the quality of life and health of the people of California, particularly the underserved and underrepresented”.

Dhuhr prayers and a healthy lunch followed the conclusion of the CHC’s presentation. After lunch, the fun began! Seniors and their families were given the opportunity to participate in games such as Bingo and Trivia with a twist; many of the questions were based on knowledge of Islamic history.

Facilitated by our staff, MCF Senior Program and gracious volunteers from the community, the games provided Seniors a fun and active environment that engaged the minds of our Seniors. Of course, competition wouldn’t be the same without winners; all of the Seniors and their families were given prizes for their participation in the games. Reception by the event by the Senior participants and their family was very positive, and there was no lack of smiles from both our Seniors and their families.

Senior Day at Tarbiya House Natomas

MCF Senior Program Members