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MAS-SSF Bullying Prevention Efforts

By November 13, 2018No Comments

Dear Community Members,

In response to the Bullying Prevention Month in October 2018,  MAS-SSF held a Bullying and Cyberbullying workshop on October 13th to provide crucial information on how to identify bullying, how to effectively address it and how to support those who have experienced it.

The workshop was attended by 40 community members with their children. The purpose of the workshop was to provide resource sand information to all community members with a specific attention to the parents and children who have experienced bullying. To engage the younger generation MAS-SSF held an Anti-Bullying Contest to bring awareness and to provide an opportunity for the younger generation to participate in making the Muslim community an anti-bullying zone. The winner received a gift card and the message created by the winner was put on a bracelet to be worn by community members.

MAS-SSF would like to express gratitude to the panelists who made this workshop possible. They were Alia Zaben, MA/Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership, Mariam El- Menshawi, Victims of Crime Resource Center, and Oussama Mokeddem/ Mahmoud Zahriya, CAIR and Nazia Khan, MAS-SSF.

Jazaaka Allahu Khairan

Gulshan Yusufzai

Executive Director


Omneya Goma. MC

From left Nazia Khan, Mariam El- Menshawi, Mahmoud Zahriya, Oussama Mokeddem, Alia Zaben