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Job Description

Muslim American Society – Social Services Foundation (MAS-SSF), is a local non-profit organization that aids families at large and the Muslim community in particular with their social service needs. MAS-SSF is dedicated to providing social services to Muslim families, seeks two Lead Peer Counselors.

MAS-SSF is a leading advocate for the social services needs of the community, providing counseling in multiple languages representing the Muslim population, projects targeting youth and the elderly population, and community education.


Lead Peer Counselor-Administrative (one position)

Lead Peer Counselor-Training and Outreach (one position)

Salary and Hours

20 hours a week @ $15.00 hourly rate.


  • This is a non-exempt part-time position.
  • Health insurance will be provided.
  • Computer and cell phone will be provided to carry out tasks.

Position Summary

The Lead Peer counselor’s essential duty will be to provide peer counseling to adults in the South Asian community in Sacramento and surrounding cities. All counseling delivered will be culturally, spiritually, and religiously congruent. The lead peer counselor will promote hope, wellness, and recovery outcomes for the clients.  The lead peer counselor will also reinforce a culture of recovery and client-centered services. Other duties include working with staff within the areas of peer support, self-help, advocacy, outreach, and engagement.

Required language competency for all LPC applicants: 

  • Fluency in South Asian languages specifically Dari-Farsi, Pashto, or Hindi-Urdu and Punjabi.
  • Ability to provide peer counseling for clients/consumers in (a) specific language(s) spoken in South Asia:  Dari-Farsi and Pashto, or languages spoken in other nations of South Asia: Hindi-Urdu and Punjabi.  A combination of Dari-Farsi and Hindi-Urdu is also acceptable.
  • Ability to handle incoming calls and messages for intake and information and referral in the language(s) applicant states they are fluent in.
  • Spoken fluency with the ability to counsel in the specified language(s).
  • Ability to read and write at a university level in the specified language(s).
  • Ability and stamina to interpret accurately at community events simultaneously for 15 minutes a shift alternating over 5 hours from English into the specified language. Ability to interpret questions from audience members to and from specified language and English.

Required administrative competency for all LPCs: 

Must have strong computer skills, especially in Microsoft Office.  Training will be provided if needed.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct intake services and track data records.
  • Provide peer counseling for clients/consumers in languages spoken in Afghanistan: Dari-Farsi and Pashto, or languages spoken in other nations of South Asia: Hindi-Urdu and Punjabi.  A combination of Dari-Farsi and Hindi-Urdu is also acceptable.
  • Organize, schedule, and conduct peer counselor orientations.
  • Organize, schedule, and conduct peer counselor refresher sessions.
  • Organize, schedule, and conduct peer counselor practice skills development sessions. Sessions may be conducted in the language(s) the counselors use in real sessions.
  • Organize, schedule, and conduct monthly training for peer counselors.
  • Actively participate in recruiting of peer counselors.
  • Actively participate in the initial training of peer counselors if needed.
  • Actively participate in the development and delivery of Shifa for Today training curriculum.
  • Actively participate in IPP Evaluation Committee work.
  • Actively participate in conducting/delivering Shifa for Today curriculum through training.
  • Conducts direct and indirect marketing of peer counseling to South Asian Muslims through outreach activities, including presentations at mosques and other locations in the Sacramento region.
  • Helps support various committees to carry out tasks as assigned.
  • Working on weekday evenings and weekends will be required depending on the client/consumer schedule, for committee meetings and events.
  • Working with members and volunteers to carry out tasks.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Participate in an annual performance evaluation.

Special skills for Administrative LPC:

Administrative experience for at least 3 years, including bookkeeping and invoicing.

Experience with bookkeeping is highly desired.

Preferred or Required Knowledge, Skills, and Experience for all LPC applicants 

  • Certified peer counselor experience is preferred. Training will be provided if needed.
  • Experience working or living with South Asians, specifically with Afghans, Pakistanis, or Indians is required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with clients, staff, members, and volunteers from diverse communities and economic background are required.
  • Applicant must know how to write emails, formal letters, and take meeting minutes and notes in English and the specific languages they are hired to use.
  • The ability to work collaboratively while taking initiative, flexibly, and through a team process with others is preferred.
  • Experience with non-profits for at least 1 year is preferred.
  • Experience working with project or program committees is preferred.
  • Experience in delivering training is preferred.
  • Experience with outreach and marketing of a project or a program is preferred.
  • Counseling experience, peer work, or counseling is preferred.
  • A High School diploma or equivalent, such as GED or baccalaureate, is preferred.
  • Experience in health education, public health, and social services is preferred.
  • Public speaking and presentation skills preferred.
  • Experience with social media is preferred.
  • Willingness to learn new skills as needed is preferred.
  • Detail-oriented, flexible, and able to manage ever-changing priorities are preferred.

Organizational Relationships

  • Reports to the Executive Director

Application Process

  • For inquiries or to apply, please send your resumes with cover letter and references to info@mas-ssf.org
  • (subject: Lead Peer Counselor -Training and Outreach or Lead Peer Counselor – Administrative)

Final Filing Date

  • Open until November 12, 2018