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Youth Bonfire Event Intergenerational Trauma


On Friday, November 18, MAS-SSF had an exciting social Bonfire event in collaboration with MCYC and Sacramento State MSA.

The bonfire was an outdoor event consisting of an evening gathering around the bonfires for sisters and brothers, social activities, dinner, and an amazing lecture from Imam Fuad Mohamed.

The event was planned through MAS-SSF Shifa for Youth program with the goal of participants leading discussion groups on Intergenerational Trauma and its effects on stress management as well as coping strategies.

Here are some highlights from the event:

  • Presentation on the Intergenerational Trauma
  • MAS-SSF staff facilitated breakout groups for sisters and brothers to have the opportunity for separate discussions
  • Guest speaker Imam Fuad Mohamed
  • Delicious Pizza and hot chocolate to enjoy while gathering around the bonfires
  • Engaging youth participants and lead discussion groups
  • Surveys toward the end of the event
  • Almost 99 registrants with 35 walks in and a total of 78 attendees
  • Discussions and presentations focused on family conflicts and their impact on youth as they grow up.