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Shifa for the Youth!

Welcome to Shifa (Wellness) for the Youth! You may be familiar with our program by a similar name: Shifa for Today that is focused on training community members to become certified Peer Specialists that serve our community. Shifa for Youth mirrors the mission of Shifa for Today with a special focus on creating a safe space and adequate training for youth.

What is Shifa for Youth?

Shifa for Youth is a proud product of the City of Sacramento Youth Development Plan Funding (SYDPF) Grant. This program will focus on recruiting youth ages 16-30 to participate in a variety of training that will not only add value to their resume but will teach youth the core of what mental health means and how to be an advocate for others in their community. They will get direct one-on-one experience providing peer support and developing wellness workshops for their peers.

How Does it Serve the Community?

Shifa for Youth creates an opportunity for youth and young adults to learn the value of peer work and what it means to support other youth as a peer. They will learn how to be an active listener and guide struggling youth to find a better quality of life. Youth who participate in this program will have the opportunity to have their voices heard and offer input for solutions regarding the needs of the youth in our community.

The following are just a few of the training that will be offered as part of the Shifa for Youth Program:

  • State Certified Peer Specialist Training (ages 18+): Certified training that teaches youth and adults how to support other youth and adults.
  • Shifa for Today Training: Utilizing skills learned in explain: Utilize Peer Specialist skills and learn how to support our community through learning and understanding general Islamic values, cultural practices, and trauma-informed care as well as how to support refugees.
  • Youth Leadership Training
  • Other Engagement Activities with other youth

What are the benefits?

We ask that youth commit to participating in the program for a two-year period. During this time youth participants will receive stipends for their dedication to receive training and utilize their skills to support others in the community.

Why is it Needed?

It is well known that youth don’t often get a platform to discuss their needs in the community. This program is meant to give youth the chance to get training on the importance of mental health and how to support other peers who are struggling as well as to teach how to become an active activist for wellness and mental health.

How Can You Get Access?

Join Us Today! Email our Program Coordinator at christina.aguilar@mas-ssf.org for more information.