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Job Description

Muslim American Society – Social Services Foundation (MAS-SSF), is a local non-profit organization that aids families at large and the Muslim community in particular with their social service needs. MAS-SSF is dedicated to providing social services to families, seeks an AMALA Program Manager.

MAS-SSF is a leading advocate for the social services needs of the community, providing counseling in the multiple languages representing the Muslim population, programs targeting youth and the elderly population, and community education.

AMALA Youth Hopeline is a warmline that provides peer support over the phone to youth and young adults who are experiencing challenges and feeling sadness, anxiety, fear, or any negative emotions.  We aim to provide a culturally competent, confidential, and non-judgmental source of peer support and resource referral. AMALA Youth Hopeline is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays from 6 PM – 10 PM.


Under the direction of the Muslim American Society (MAS) Social Services Foundation (SSF) Board of Directors (BOD), the incumbent manages the AMALA Hotline program including marketing, recruiting and training AMALA Counselors, managing the budget, and reporting status.

Typical Tasks:

  • Recruit AMALA counselors
  • Coordinate and implement training of new AMALA counselors.
  • Coordinate monthly check-ins with AMALA counselors
  • Establish evaluation criteria of AMALA Counselors
  • Establish policies and procedures and amend /update as necessary based on input from MAS-SSF BOD and MAS-SSF Executive Director (ED)
  • Develop marketing strategies/campaigns and update AMALA Youth Hopeline website & social media accounts accordingly.
  • Develop an outreach plan to promote the AMALA plan Regionally in the Sacramento Area
  • Update marketing materials as needed.
  • Establish a yearly budget starting a specific date to be agreed upon with the MAS-SSF BOD
  • Manage the yearly budget including providing reports when requested by the MAS-SSF BOD and ED
  • Produce an annual report and monthly reports documenting call numbers and demographic information
  • Develop, participate, and assist in fundraising for the warmline.
  • Assist in writing grant proposals that may bring in funding for Amala Youth Hopeline.
  • Speak on behalf of the AMALA Youth Hopeline in conferences and workshops
  • Recruit/manage volunteers to aid in implementing the above tasks as needed.
  • Other duties as needed related to AMALA Youth Hopeline and related grant deliverables.


  • The AMALA PM will report to the MAS SSF BOD.  The MAS SSF BOD may delegate this to the MAS-SSF ED at a future date
  • The AMALA PM will coordinate payroll and reimbursements of program issues with the MAS-SSF Executive Director and MAS-SSF BOD Treasurer


  • $20/hour
  • Reimbursement for mileage, travel expenses for conferences/outreach, etc.

Application Process: For inquiries or to apply, please send your resumes to info@mas-ssf.org (subject: AMALA Program Manager.)

Final Filing Date: November 24, 2019


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