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Peace Be Upon You,

Thanks to our supportive community, 2018 brought much growth and expansion of services for MAS-SSF. The impact you have made possible this year made a difference in the lives of thousands of American Muslims. Together, we are making a difference with positive impact in our community.


  • Trained LPCs and 24 volunteer counselors on 80 hours of Peer Counseling
  • Over 40 Peer Counseling and other services rendered through our Shifa for Today program.
  • Two half-time Lead Peer Counselors (LPC) and adding two more by early 2019 for the Shifa for Today Counseling Program.
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying Workshop. What is it? How does it work? How to seek help? How to stop? – SALAM Islamic Center
  • Senior Day at Muslim Community of Folsom establishing strategies and goals for a Sacramento-wide Senior program.
  • Counseling 101 Workshop at Care4Convert at SALAM explaining counseling strategies, how it’s done, and impacts.
  • Parenting Teens Workshop at Masjid Tawheed.
  • Two Bullying workshops for High School and Middle Schoolers at Muslim Community of Folsom.
  • Al Afia for Seniors – support by providing educational and social opportunities to learn about services available while meeting other seniors. Senior Day at Salam Islamic Center presenting information to seniors on the aging process and available services by different organizations and The County of Sacramento in addition to social time and games.
  • AMALA Hopeline – accessible, confidential, and culturally competent peer counseling for youth through non-judgmental and understanding support over- the-phone for individuals seeking help. Over 800 calls answered since 2015.
  • Received Certificate of Appreciation from Sacramento Mayor for Services in August.
  • New effective Social Media communication through a newly designed website www.mas-ssf.org, Facebook page @MASSSFSAC, and weekly Blog.

Thank you for investing in MAS-SSF. With your participation, donations, and prayers, we will Insha’Allah (God willing) achieve even more in 2019.

Your donation of any amount will ensure we can continue and grow our work. You can donate online by visiting www.mas-ssf.org/donations
If you would like to deduct your gift from your 2018 taxes, please be sure to make your gift online by 11:59PM on 12/31/2018, or if mailing a check, be sure it is postmarked by 12/31/2018.