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Confidential Counseling at MAS-SSF

MAS-SSF has provided confidential counseling services to the Muslim community since 2007.

Q. Why is confidentiality important?

A. MAS-SSF knows people who call or email for counseling want their names and information private and safe.

Q. How does MAS-SSF give confidential services?

A. MAS-SSF carefully keeps names and information safe in these ways:

  • The MAS-SSF office is not in or close to a mosque. It is not close to an ethnic grocery store, restaurant, auto repair or other business.
  • MAS-SSF does not make people wait for their appointment together with other people in a room.
  • MAS-SSF office staff do not see or hear people who come for counseling. Office doors are closed. A white noise device muffles voices.
  • The names and information on forms are locked up and behind two locked doors.
  • Most MAS-SSF counselors speak two or more languages. They do not need interpreters to understand. Therefore, peoples’ names and information are not known by interpreters.
  • Counselors do not share names and information.
  • All MAS-SSF counselors follow the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics professional guidelines for delivering ethical services.
  • MAS-SSF counseling services are also based on Islamic principles of adab and values.

In addition, they comply with federal and California state regulatory agencies, for example, the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

In conclusion, MAS-SSF makes every effort to provide services that protect names and information.

Currently MAS-SSF is accepting counseling requests for individuals, couples, families and youth.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment at (916) 486 – 8626 or counseling@mas-ssf.org.