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MAS-SSF Recognized by Mayor Darrell Steinberg

By June 22, 2018No Comments

On Monday, June 18th the annual community dinner was held to honor the important contributions of Sacramento’s Muslim-American community. This year’s theme was unity, diversity and acceptance of all communities in Sacramento.
Mayor Darrell Steinberg presented MAS-SSF with Certificate of Appreciation for:

  • Providing social services and referrals to all communities with a focus on the Muslim community for over 10 years.
  • MAS-SSF is a grassroots effort that works with all racial, ethnic and cultural communities.
  • The Department of Public Health has recognized MAS-SSF as the non-profit to provide Shifa for Today Peer Counseling Services that is culturally, linguistically and spiritually competent.
  • MAS-SSF has recruited and trained 24 Peer counselors to meet the needs of the diverse community of Sacramento which includes a high influx of refugees. The services are provided in over 10 languages including English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Dari, Farsi and Pashto. The services are available for individuals, couples, families, and youth. MAS-SSF ensures the highest level of confidentiality by
    abiding by the board of behavior sciences rules and regulations.
  • MAS-SSF recognizes the youth’s need for support and services. The Amala Youth Hope Line provides
    accessible, confidential, and culturally competent means of peer support and resources. Amala is open for calls five nights a week from 6-10pm.
  • MAS-SSF also brings to the community the Al Afia for Seniors Program. Al Alfia’s aim is to hold a senior day event four times a year by providing educational workshops and social activities.
  • According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S experiences mental illness in a given year. MAS-SSF recognizes the stigma experienced by people living with mental health problems and how it will prevent access to services. MAS-SSF has developed workshops to educate and create awareness about how to seek help and how to recognize and address the mental health issues that create a barrier in your daily life.

MAS-SSF appreciates Mayor Steinberg’s efforts of Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Act which has changed California’s entire public mental health system.

Mayor presents MAS-SSF Mayor certificate MAS-SSF

Certificate of Appreciation