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The Lighthouse – October 2012


The Lighthouse – October 2012


Sept.  Volume 1 No 6

  • Fall Family Development Project Workshops
  • Islamophobia and Muslim Children
  • Great Book for Fathers


Dec.  Volume 1 No 5

  • Parents with Special Needs Children Support Group
  • Substance Abuse Support Group Milati Islami
  • Join the MAS-SSF Family Development Circle
  • How Children Grow: Children with Special Needs/Disabilities


Sept.  Volume 1 No4

  • Ramadan and the spiritual life of the family
  • The new school year
  • Upcoming from MAS-SSF This Fall
  • MAS-SSF Family Development Circle

May.  Volume 1 No3

  • MA-SSF Announces Spiritual Counseling Services
  • MAS-SSF and SALAM Announce Partnership in Counseling and Matrimonial Services
  • Mastering Marital Communication
  • PHow Children Grow Part III: Language Acquisition in the Early Years

  • Teens, Young adults, and college students!

March. Volume 1 No2

  • Toward a Happy Marriage
  • Seera Course : The life of the Prophet (pbuh)
  • How Children Grow Part II: The Preschool Years
  • PBS Special: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
  • For Teens, Young Adults, and College Students
  • More on Confidentiality and For Our Readers


Dec. Volume1 No1


  • Q&A About MAS-SSF
  • How Children Grow
  • MAS-SSF & SALAM to present course on marriage in Islam
  • MAS-SSF Reaches Out to Serve Sacramento County
  • MAS-SSF Counselors Visit the World-Famous Amen Clinic
  • New in 2008: Family Development Circle