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Family Health Fair Event

On July 7, 2023, MAS-SSF, in collaboration with 17 partners, held an exciting Family Health Fair event to keep our community safe at the Sacramento City College with the following services, resources, educational workshops, and mobile clinic: 1 Mobile Clinic Established by Shifa Community Clinic for health screening and vaccination.

4 Presentations were Conducted by the Following Partners:

  • MAS-SSF conducted a wellness presentation, and a Wellness Diary was given to every participant during the presentation.
  • Sacramento Police Department conducted a Know Your Rights presentation in collaboration with MAS-SSF. Simultaneous interpretations were provided, and gift cards were distributed to every participant by MAS-SSF.
  • Sacramento Children’s Home conducted car seat training, and the list of participants was provided to MAS-SSF for car seat distribution.
  • CAIR conducted a Know Your Rights presentation about immigration legal rights.

18 Organizations Provided Information and Resources at their Boots During the Family Health Fair:

Other Updates:

  • 200+ participants attended.
  • MAS-SSF provided interpreters in 4 languages, including Dari, Pashto, Arabic, and Urdu, for partners in the boots.
  • Babysitting Areas were provided to the children whose parents attended the workshops/presentations.
  • MAS-SSF would like to express a heartfelt appreciation to all volunteers, partners, and participants for attending the family health fair event.

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